Thursday, January 13, 2011

52 Co-Sponors!

Keep it up folks in one week we have five more co-sponsors for the FairTax Bill! If you haven't yet please contact your congressman & senators to make sure they are onboard with FairTax! Go to to see who and how to contact.

Friday, January 7, 2011

If you’re unfamiliar with FairTax I encourage you to go to the other blog over the next few weeks as I’m going to be providing information in hopes that you will get your congressman onboard with FairTax. My former congressman wrote the bill and my new one is continuing the momentum. Because the bill is close to home there’s really not many Georgia residents who don’t know what the bill offers and for that matter Republicans and Democrats alike have gotten onboard in Georgia. I’m unclear the popularity nationwide though. The most important thing to know is the bill offers FREEDOM for American’s eliminating the entire federal tax system as we know it (IRS) and restructuring based on your consumption. Those spending the most will still be paying the most, those currently not paying any taxes because they are illegal, work under the table, etc. will suddenly be paying taxes.

If your Congressman is not listed in my post below that means he didn’t sign the bill. Talk to your congressman and find out if they support the bill. Some simply haven’t made up their mind yet you can be the difference in your district to change the way we pay taxes! If you’re unclear who your congressman is go to Project Vote Smart can enter your address and find all of your elected officials. Having Congress onboard will not be the only stumbling block a piece of legislation this big will need complete executive office support as well, the current administration does not support the bill. As candidates emerge over the next year for the 2012 Presidential race study them carefully. And hopefully like me you’ll support the candidate(s) that support Fairtax.


Wow, a while away from this blog! The time I was the most involved in politics in my life was this past year and I didn't blog it! oh well, going forward I'm back to blogging my rants here. Sit back, enjoy, get mad, comment, I'm never offended by good or bad thoughts :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

MCS: Martha Coakley Syndrome

There's a Liberal Georgia blog I rather enjoy... We all know I'm not liberal but I get a kick out of the site with some of the jokes and it's always good to hear perspectives from people I don't see eye to eye with. Anyway, today he posted this... funny!

Martha Coakley Syndrome (MCS) is when a candidate is so full of victory, they get sloppy in their campaigning. For example, Martha Coakley did some of the following things during her campaign (Symptoms of MCS):

1- When criticized for leaving the state for a Washington fundraiser instead of campaigning, Coakley responded saying “as opposed to standing outside Fenway Park? In the cold?” (Not engaging the people)

2-Coakley also referred to Red Sox star pitcher and Brown supporter Curt Schilling as “another Yankee fan,” making her a butt of late-night comedian jokes, including Jon Stewart. (Being ignorant about common things)

3-Coakley took a week-long vacation. (Not campaigning)

4-Relying too heavily

So, in the future, expect us to refer to MCS. I think that, perhaps, someone on the Democratic Governor Primary, whom I will not call out in this point, may be suffering from MCS.

MCS can be treated by the following actions:

Getting out and talking to he people
Not assuming that you are winning
Not rolling your eyes during debate (did that give it away)
Realizing that your massive amount of campaign dollars contributions do not equate to good, grassroots, of-the-people support.

Monday, December 8, 2008


As the end of the year draws closer like any business you start making year end projections. How much will we profit? What were the overall sells? What was spent where and how? Who will get bonuses (if any after this rough year)? What was spent on labor? Material? Etc. Then I was informed of a shocking number... I knew it would be bad but had no idea how bad it was. GASOLINE.... Last year at the end of the year we spent $22,000 in gasoline. For 2008 our Year end projection is $66,000! Up over $40,000!!!! That's just Crazy! Now we did have more on the books this year then last year so even if prices had stayed the exact same we would have gone up some but not $40,000! But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. As prices have been falling on gas I past this gas station and thought it was picture worthy! Georgia is finally back on the cheap gas list! $1.39!!!!! Just think, two months ago you couldn't even find gas in Goergia! Not not only do we have it but it's cheap!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Run Off....

Well Tuesday it’s back to the polls for Georgia voters. The vote shouldn’t be too hard for anyone our two senate candidates are about as different as night and day. Chambliss (incumbent) is a typical Republican and Martin the typical democrat with all that comes with it. For me, the choice is clear mainly because I don’t like one party dominating the Senate. I have one major problem with Chambliss though, he voted yes to the bailout. I mean come on, really? Clearly he was voting for himself and not what the citizens of the state of Georgia truly wanted. We were polled over and over again and overwhelming most Georgia citizens was against the bailout. 11 of our 13 Congressmen voted no as they respected our desires so why didn’t Chambliss? So there’s my one thing that makes me question him. Though on paper he’s the one I agree with politically more then the other… just like the presidential candidates neither is a perfect choice for me but I have to go with one or the other so Chambliss it is. I feel confident that he’ll win as well. The truth of the matter is more people came out in the state of Georgia to vote then any other election and McCain won our state. A lot of the people that came out to vote for Obama won’t show up and they're the same people that came out to vote for Martin. I could be wrong but I just don’t see it happening.

Whatever you do though if you live in the state of Georgia… don’t forget to vote! It’s your responsibility as an American Citizen. My husband as a resident doesn’t have the privilege to vote and he yearns for the day he’ll be able to walk to the polls and have an opinion that counts. So get out and vote friends!

Friday, November 7, 2008


For 21 months we’ve heard chants of change. Now is Obama's chance to show us the changes he intends to make. We know the promises that were made but now he will refine his agenda and priorities will be outlined as to what changes will truly take place. There is an official website for President-Elect Obama found at you can read about his agenda, learn about the official transition process, and the best part is be heard (or at least it leads you to believe you’re being heard who knows if his team is really listening but the thought is nice). So go on over to and check it out! Got opinions on key cabinet members, proposed agenda, etc. this is the place you can voice it.